June 13, 2015


We have had a wonderful series of field trips in April and May  (see photos below) and now we have just two more events to finish out the season.  We will be celebrating the beginning of summer at our Summer Solstice Paint Sisters Playshop on June 20 (all day– painting and tempered glass mosaic!) and then finishing out our field trip schedule with our last trip up to Katie Carter’s summer garden June 28th — this will be a nourishing & replenishing exploration of how best to support the second chakra of creativity,  especially in women, with healthy food and creative expression.  Join us for this field trip finale.  I say finale because I won’t be scheduling any more official trips for awhile because i will be moving my home and studio sometime this summer/fall. I will be focusing on envisioning the next fabulous live/work space and making the upcoming transition as seamless as possible so that we can carry on with our creative work.  I may be having an official moving sale of my paintings later in the summer like I did last time we moved four years ago (yes it has been four years!) but in the meantime if there is one you’ve had your eye on for awhile let me know — now’s a good time!  You can see the available paintings Here. Also, my new book, 50 Field Trips with Flowers & Friends, is available both on my website and directly through Amazon. Please see details below.

In the midst of change it is especially important to stay grounded in your creative practice and to continually return to a quiet place in order to stay connected to your own inner guidance. In his book, Fearless Creating, Eric Maisel shares an exercise called Hushing — a meditation practice to quiet the mind so that you can listen to what you want to create while the noise of the world and thoughts and chatter fall away.   I have found it to be both soothing and effective.  We will be working with this exercise at our upcoming Summer Solstice Playshop…join us and we will Hush together.

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