One Foot in Front of the Other

April 8, 2015







I finished my book, 50 Field Trips with Flowers and Friends, and will be having a book release gathering on Friday April 24th at the Vanishing Point Salon, the home of my friends Matthias Schossig and Walburga Ziegenhagen.  They live where the Hospitality House used to be located, and are now beginning a new tradition there of hosting art and philosophical events there in an intimate setting.  Readings, music, discussions in the style of a 19th century salon of the arts.  I will be reading selections from the book and will have books for sale.

I have a sense of accomplishment for completing this book, mostly because now I have ideas for 10 more and a eager to move on to the next project. The next book I am working on is my mom’s account of her walking of the west coast beaches from Mexico to Canada over the course of 20 years.  She wrote about every beach, every walk, and we are collecting it all together with her photos to honor that amazing adventure.

Meanwhile I have been painting, and leading art field trips.  We have a beautiful line-up for April and May.  Intuitive Painting at Ananda, a Visit to Molly Fisk’s Poem Farm, and a Morning of Color & Light with LeeAnn Brook at her studio up on Cement Hill Road. And a Mother’s Day Spark!   If you would like to be on my Field Trip Email list, let me know  (  And you can see the full schedule of trips, events and classes here.

There seem to be so many things going on, so much to do, way more than is possible in a day. And it is easy for our creative work to get put at the end of our to-do lists.  I have been working with this in the past month by practicing each of my art forms 15-minutes a day.  15 minutes of painting, writing, piano, reading, walking etc. interpersed with my other work and family responsibilities.  I have felt a strength building within this structure, even though it seems like such a short amount of time to accomplish anything, I am finding that the daily attention keeps the thread of my efforts going, which is leading to an interesting and powerful momentum,  It also forces me to use my time more wisely, and 15 minutes is something I can accomplish, and of course once I’m in the studio, or at the piano, or reading poetry, I often am able to put in more time, and want to.  It has been an interesting experiment.  Baby steps help get you going.  Break it down into pieces.  Little by little.  How did my mom accomplish walking all those beaches?  One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.  And onward we go.

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